Immune System Booster


AstaDaily® softgels boost the production of immune cells to protect organs and preserves DNA from damage. The softgels are made with one of the strongest natural antioxidants on 
Earth that protects the most vulnerable part of the immune cells – the cell membrane. It can also increase natural killer cell cytotoxic activity, and increase total T and B cell subpopulation, which can greatly help with the host rejection of both tumours and virally infected cells.

Memory and Brain Functions


The oxidative stress is a causative factor in the pathogenesis of major neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS), and diets high in antioxidants offer the potential to lower the associated risks. Astaxanthin can cross the blood-brain barrier in mammals and extend its antioxidant benefits beyond that barrier. Experiments showed astaxanthin improves cognitive functions in terms of improvement on measures of reaction time, attention, and working memory.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects


Chronic inflammation is believed to be the silent disease at the heart of most degenerative conditions and lifestyle-related diseases. Astaxanthin has been reported to have anti-inflammatory effects as it can significantly lower the concentration of biomarkers of systemic inflammation. This may potentially benefit patients with chronic inflammatory conditions such as Crohn’s disease and ulcer disease.

Beauty from the Inside Out


The human body absorbs excessive free radicals and active oxidants when under stress, a polluted environment, and ultraviolet radiation. The free radicals and active oxidants can cause skin aging by damaging the skin DNA, protein, and lipid membrane. AstaDaily® not only preserves but increases mitochondrial functions, providing vitality to the cells that reduces the natural aging effect. AstaDaily® improves your skin from the inside out.

Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Enhancer


Regular use of AstaDaily® can prevent atherosclerosis, blood supply disorder, angina pectoris, heart failure, and other severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. AstaDaily® effectively reduces low density cholesterol and triglycerides in blood. Furthermore, AstaDaily® is formulated with the right amount of EPA, and effectively increases the amount of adiponectin, critical in maintaining healthy blood sugar and lipid levels.

Eye Guardian


AstaDaily® softgels are effective in relieving asthenopia (visual fatigue), and adjuvant treatment of macular degeneration through nourishment of the retina and the optic nerve. Under excessive stress, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation (television, computer and cell phone screens), and polluted environments, free radicals start to accumulate in the eyes. AstaDaily® is enriched with astaxanthin, the only antioxidant that can penetrate the blood-retina barrier and access the tissue of the retina.

Astaxanthin oxidizes the accumulated free radicals and protects the eyes. Formulated with high purity lutein, AstaDaily® is the best line of defense for your eyes from daily, unavoidable wear and tear.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Developed by the microalgae research team from the University of Toronto, AstaDaily® integrates the latest research and world-leading technology in microalgae extraction. The first ever hydrothermal liquefaction cell wall breaking technology of Haematococcus pluvialis achieved near complete astaxanthin extraction and was published in Green Chemistry. Applying microfluidics technology, Iconthin is a pioneer in this technology, and holds the record for fastest single cell extraction of astaxanthin using supercritical CO2 at low pressure. This accomplishment was recently published in Bioresource Technology.

Optimized Content per Capsule
Multi-Extracts Formulation
Strict Product Regulation
All-Round Process Monitoring
Multiple Certifications

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