Our Expertise

The research team at Iconthin is dedicated to its craft and delivers the highest quality of products through innovation and challenge to the status quo.

Innovative Technology

At Iconthin, we systematically assess and select novel methodologies grounded in academic research to set the bar for astaxanthin extraction from Haematococcus pluvialis in quality and environmental sustainability at industrial scale.

In 2016, the team successfully established a hydrothermal method of astaxanthin extraction, which at the time was revolutionary, resulting in near-complete astaxanthin extraction from wet biomass. This was a significant improvement over traditional extraction methods.

In 2017, the team demonstrated a low pressure supercritical CO2 astaxanthin extraction method that reduced the extraction time by another 1800-fold, resulting in the fastest low-pressure astaxanthin extraction in the world. The results are now well known in academia and published in Green Chemistry, Lab on a Chip, and other top scientific journals.

Outstanding Quality

With a state-of-the-art microfluidic platform, we are proud to have achieved in-situ observation and quantification of microalgae processing at the cellular level, which provides much more information and data not available through traditional extraction methodology. Based on this valuable data, the team engineered biochemical processes and optimized them through each step of the microalgae production, starting from microalgae strain selection, mass cultivation, metabolites extraction and purification, assuring the high quality of our product.

The team at Iconthin is continuously making leaps in the development of advanced downstream processing techniques that result in outstanding products.