Competitive Advantages

AstaDaily is your reliable choice

Our superior expertise in microalgae and microfluidics enables us to assess and use advanced technologies. We optimize these technologies to enhance microalgae cultivation, astaxanthin extraction and product formulation, enabling us to create the highest quality of natural astaxanthin. AstaDaily has earned certifications from multiple international nutraceutical product organizations, and garnered respect and a reputation for reliability.

Cutting-Edge Technology

AstaDaily® integrates the latest research and world-leading technology in microalgae extraction.

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Optimized Content per Capsule

The content inside each capsule is optimized to provide nutrients to boost your health.

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Multi-Extracts Formulation

Each AstaDaily® softgel is formulated with unique multi-extracts to work synergistically.

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Strict Product Regulation

AstaDaily has surpassed strict regulatory standards and granted market access by Health Canada.

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All-Round Process Monitoring

Iconthin Biotech stringently monitors every step in the production process.

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Multiple Certifications

AstaDaily has been granted certification by many well-known international organizations.

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