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We are Iconthin!

Discovering the secrets of microalgae to
improve the quality of life

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada, Iconthin Biotech Corp. is dedicated to developing high-quality microalgae products with the goal of improving human health through innovative research and development in biotechnology

Our cutting-edge technology is a result of extensive research and remarkable achievements obtained in microfluidics, created in partnership with the top microalgae research team from the University of Toronto.

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Our Expertise

Our advanced technology results in premium-quality products

Innovative Technology

We have achieved the fastest known single-cell microalgae extraction.

Outstanding Quality

Our team’s expertise in microalgae produces superior product quality.

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Our Product

AstaDaily® Microalgae extracts softgel

Combining natural astaxanthin with multiple essential natural ingredients into each softgel, AstaDaily protects you with nature’s most potent antioxidant, promoting cellular repair & anti-aging

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May 20, 2018

Posted by: University of Copenhagen |

Check the Research from Copenhagen
January 1, 2018

Posted by: Krysta Binie etc. |

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